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Account Manager ( Arabic native preferred)

If you like advertising, love telling stories and understand that time is money, you might succeed with us .  Read on...


Job Description

You must fundamentally understand the basic concept of managing the complex marketing requirements of billion dollar brands: this isn't checkers,  this is mother****ing chess. 

You will primarily be responsible for handling the day to day activities of a global client, containing Fortune 500 companies in its portfolio. 

Digital Ape is young, we're less than 10 years old, we're running fast, you need to outpace us so you can move up the org chart. You need to want to have genuine influence. Paper pushing account managers fail here. We need people who hear the client, review the feedback, find the best team internally to work on it and deliver more than the client needs before they need it. 

You will be conscious of margins and your colleagues time, you will negotiate effectively all day every day with clients and internal teams to deliver content the team is proud of and service the client is addicted to. 

You've done this job before or you're doing this job now, you don't need a list of day to day activities you should know them. As a general rule of thumb, we like people who take notes and show up on time. 

You won't be micromanaged - see the reference to fast growing company above, we don't have time to micromanage. You will take decisions, make mistakes, recover, take more decisions make mistakes. 

If you are working with a team on a major account but are frustrated with the pace or the responsibilities you have and feel like you should be leading the team, then this job is for you. 


  • 4 years ( or more) experience working in an advertising agency, either in the UAE or in the US or Europe. 
  • Experience above must be with an international/global agency or you must be able to demonstrate extensive experience with global clients, this experience must be in a global capacity meaning the candidate must be able to demonstrate experience working with senior executives in the marketing department of the brand.
  • Fluent Arabic speakers will be given priority. 
  • You need to ensure that your CV includes advertising experience as listed above, otherwise the CV will not be considered.